Winter – Pie Redux

cranberry apple pie

Ahh, winter. The season for peppermint-flavored everything, 96.5 KOIT playing Christmas music nonstop, and circling the mall parking lot for half an hour fighting a thousand other angry drivers for parking.

The horror of overcrowded shopping malls aside, I like winter. I enjoy justifiably hiding my extra chub under multiple layers of clothing. I secretly delight in the twinkling lights strung up all over town while also judging my neighbors for wasting electricity. As long as they’re the ones paying for it, I guess it’s okay.

I especially like winter in France. It’s the only time of the year I miss that place. I can happily eschew the smell of hundreds of sweating bodies on the non air-conditioned metro on a sweltering summer day, but winter is different. In winter there are frangipane-filled galettes des rois and 50% off on winter dresses chez Mango. There’s also the excitement-generating possibility of powdery frozen water falling from the sky and blanketing the city in white.

This winter I won’t be flying back. That’s alright. I have already commissioned my parents to bring me back a galette des rois in their luggage when they come visit in January. If I’m lucky maybe it’ll be Frozen-themed and there will be an Elsa fève buried in my slice(s)! Sadly, I won’t get to meet my parents’ new baby – Cocoa the dachshund and mystery dog mix, possessor of sharp teeth for gnawing on walls and fat short legs that are surprisingly adept at mountain climbing.


Also, he pulls off an ugly holiday sweater pretty well. Let’s meet next winter, Cocoa! You and I can pose for selfies together in our sweaters.

For you, me, and everybody else who can’t be snatching up those bargain Frozen galettes des rois at Carrefour and cuddling with Cocoa in Lyon this winter, there’s good old American pie stuffed with cranberries and apples. Even more American than apple pie.

cranberry apple pie 2

Cranberry Apple Pie

This is a cheater recipe. Cheater as in it’s actually just this recipe with the filling doubled and baked into a different form. I had a little leftover filling from my hand pies so I made more filling and baked it all into a normal-sized pie – try 50-60 minutes at 400˚F. Also, I needed a flimsy excuse to post a picture of Cocoa on this blog, alors voilà!

I wanted to do something a little different from your typical double-crusted or lattice-topped pie, so I adorned this pie with leaves. I don’t have a handy leaf-cutter, so I cut out and decorated all the leaves with a steak knife. It took me forever. Unless you have oodles of time on your hand, I highly advise against it. Now, if you do find yourself idling at home, take a stab at it! It makes for quite the visually stunning slab of dessert.

cranberry apple pie 3

P.S. I took these photos myself! Out of the dozens I snapped while lying on my belly on the kitchen floor with my borrowed DSLR, these are the only few that turned out okay. Also, this last photo was taken on my iPhone. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? But honestly, I’d rather write a thousand words than take a picture. Oh well. #noob


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